Re: Something strange in Firefox

Robert Mendoza

Firefox has the same command key that you've used with other browsers. Yes, it was correct combination keys that you've used. But, alternatively, you may used to press F6 instead and copy the address that you wants but before, pasting it to the address bar make sure you've check as well if you copied the direct URL address by reviewing and pressing the nvda plus C from your clipboard. In this way, you can ensure that you copied correctly the address before pasting it

Robert Mendoza
On 5/13/2016 6:26 PM, Arnþór Helgason wrote:

Good morning from sunny Iceland.

After the most recent updates I have found it impossible to copy the url of a homepage when I want to include the relevant address in a new document.

Previously I used the command alt+d, but it doesn't work anymore in Firefox. However Internet Explorer and GoogleChrome still have this command.

Any advice?

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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