Re: Bug Reporting for NVDA - Do Step-by-Step Instructions Exist?

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No indeed, I have no problem with a post that refers to the link nor that in the footer such a link be added on the list system on all lists though.

Indeed a simple to follow, create github account. link to search for the issue, and new issue and all about the in field text and how to get shot of it so you can type without leaving bits of it showing through are what is needed also a foolproof way to make sure that if you subscribe to the mail list contain bug reports that your own bug reports are sent to you is imperative. I have still not cracked this particular nut, despite ticking the boxes I thought you should. I have to say that for the uninitiated and the infrequent visitor that particular site is both cluttered and misleading compared to the ordinary novices site.

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I don't like the idea of a regular posting to the list - better to have the
process clearly linked from the main website (in the same way that the list
itself is).

After all, someone wanting to report a bug might not already be a list member,
and someone who is a list member but has forgotten how to report a bug might
need to do so the day before the reminder gets sent out, and I'm sure many
people here don't keep a personal archive of list messages just in case they
happen to come in handy several weeks later.


On Wednesday 30 May 2018 at 17:53:29, Brian Vogel wrote:

I know that at sometime in the past I've asked about "the official
procedure" for reporting bugs to the developers of NVDA and also seem to
remember it's done through Github. What I don't have, either in my head
or in my collection of records, is a set of specific instructions for
exactly what the process is.

If anyone has them, could you post them?

To the group moderator, if someone has them and posts them, could
consideration be given to making them a regular cyclic posting, say, once
per quarter? --

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