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Again I asked her about the weather in Chicago. No issues. She gave me the
correct weather.

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To be honest, I havn't bothered with a voice assistant so far but this
dark sky thing seems to be a skill, ms seems to be trying to coppy
amazon's skills.

Of course the fact the alexa system may or may not have several bugs the
latest is that if a word sounds like to activate it it may just do that
and send your recorded conversations who knows exactly where aparently
through 2 confirmation prompts.

Of course the issue with these voice assistants is that depending how
you say something will depend on what it does.

For myself, still on 7 even on 10 I have turned most of that off.

Technically I do log in with a microsoft account for apps so technically
I have access to most cloud systems if I so wish to have it.

However having never gone to the i device or droid just yet and still
being a keyboard user the work I do does not require me to access the
msn weather site.

The msn weather site is not as acurate as others can be like weather

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I have heard that it can give you several choices now, though not really
interested in the weather, it is what it is and anyway I have alexa.

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Hi list have been noticing something strange about cortana the last couple
days. When I ask it to give me the weather instead of cortana coming up
with a search result it says an app or a site called dark skys might be
able to help would I like to access it? What is wrong with whatever
cortana used to get the weather? Is it down? It doesn’t happen all the
time. Very very strange. Anyone else have this issue?

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