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Hello. Blind pc users mostly use keyboard. So, I think, voice commands is not an important need for nvda

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OK. Let me explain why he is glee. BJ which is what his name is from Scotland. He was taught at Motherwell college. Motherwell college at that time had a V I program which taught A screen reading program, called Window-Eyes, and not JAWS.  The guy that taught Window-Eyes in that college was named Robert Donald. This guy was a strong advocate of it, and Robert didn’t like how JAWS was always favoured by the organisation in the UK called the RNIB. My friend BJ was offered a job at a university called Glasgow university and Robert Donald, the person behind the Window-Eyes classes in Motherwell college was in contact with Glasgow university and the person at the disability office asked him if he knew anybody who could teach Window-Eyes. He put my friend BJ’s name forward and the person who offered BJ the job told BJ that she had to speak to the head of the office and she promised BJ that she would get back to him. Well, a few months came and BJ never heard from this woman. So he phoned the lady who offered him the job, and the lady told BJ that they had contacted the RNIB and the RNIB advised them to get JAWS. She did apologise to BJ, and said, that if they ever changed to Window-Eyes, she would contact BJ before anyone else. BJ wasn’t happy that he lost a job and BJ was hoping for that job and it was almost certain that BJ would have gotten the job. Well, a few years later, My friend was on the talks mailing list, and you might remember Talks as the screen reader for the nokia phones. Well on the Talks list, there was a discussion that was going on about the price of items specifically for the blind. One of the members commented that the education system in the UK and worldwide favoured JAWS above every other screen reader. Then, the vender denied the member’s allegations. Then, BJ wrote on the list to the vender and told him straight that venders like him favoured JAWS and always will, and he told the vender he had been in the education system for eight years and that he knew of the situation about JAWS and the RNIB. The guy told him there was never any favoritism of JAWS over any other screen reader in education and employment. Then, it became a heated argument between members and the vender over the favoritism of JAWS over any other screen reader in education, and members stood up for BJ, while others stood up for the vender. Then it got so out of focus that BJ left the Talks list. Then, about 7 years ago, BJ’s girlfriend, Carol, who lived in Ontario, went to the school for the blind in Ontario to get assessed for a new computer. She, like BJ, was a Window-Eyes user and they had met on the former GW Micro mailing list, called GW-info. When she spoke to the elderly guy about what she wanted, and that she wanted Window-Eyes, The elderly guy was very insistent that Carol took JAWS at the start of the meeting, and Carol was adamant that she was under no circumstances taking JAWS. She told the guy that she wanted Window-Eyes and nothing else. The guy also explained that Window-Eyes was going bust. At that time, this was in 2011, and Window-Eyes, at that time, were going nowhere in 2011. She also told the guy that she had a boyfriend in Scotland who taught her everything she knew about Window-Eyes, and she told the guy he was talking a lot of pure crap.  When she got the new computer, the computer was an HP, and it was pure junk, and it was somehow registered to somebody else. BJ had to spend a few days removing the registered name, and putting her name as the admin. He also had to help her install the programs as the engineer made a complete mess of the programs.

So there is the story about this guy and why he has bad feelings for FS and JAWS, even the RNIB and other blind organisations. Thanks, Sky. [] On Behalf Of Ron Canazzi
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I am not qualified enough to comment on this subject, but I'll say one thing for the author. He seems to be filled with glee over the prospect of the demise of VFO FKA Freedom Scientific.



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Hello NVDA community. It’s Sky. I wanted to ask you guys a question.  Will NVDA be incorporating voice commands in into the screen reader? Because a friend of mine has told me that in three years everything is going to be voice activated. Yes we have dictation bridge for Voice activation, but what my friend means is that in three years, the computers, etc. will all be done via Voice activation without a keyboard. Here is what he has to say.

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Hi Sky,


I just received an email from my local supermarket. I do an on line shop there every week. From today I can order it via Alexa, Google home and other apps using voice only ordering.


I did say this is the way forward. With Amazon and Google competing, this voice activation is going to be the next huge thing in computing. I've said this for a while as you know. The next step is using actual programs/apps via voice activation. Just watch my friend. VFO is finished, on the way out. They won't be able to compete in an open market. Not as huge as this one. Just imagine my friend. At the moment I have my favorites in a shopping list. Think about the key strokes I need to use to get to them? Then additional items. I have to do a search of often up to 40 products with a similar name. arrowing down, tabbing down. Then adding them to my shopping basket. Going through the dates for delivery and times. Then all the key strokes in using my card details authorization process. All done with our voice. At least quarter of the time normally spent shopping. This does spell the end of VFO.


Everything is going to be voice activated in the next 3 years. There isn't any other way for web developers to go.


Progress sometimes my friend is slow but when it starts, it is like a high speed jet aircraft. Nothing stands in it's way.


There will be some people who won't change. Or use both methods to carry out tasks. Now VFO have to utilize jws to act on voice commands. With Dug in Microsoft. I can see VFO being left thousands of miles behind. Then when they introduce pay monthly fees. The very fast extinction of jws and other products will come to a very sudden and dramatic halt. They may think they have the market share for programs relating of the blind. They don't any more and they are the ones who are blind and not us.


Live long and prosper, John



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