Re: The future of NVDA

Pranav Lal



NVDA already has the ability to use voice commands. See the dictationBridge add-on from Yes, it does require Dragon Individual Professional or WSR for it to work.


I have used speech-recognition and continue to use it. Speech-recognition is good for rapid dictation. If I am writing a story, I will dictate it. However, nothing beats the keyboard when editing. The problem here is the linear nature of speech output. Sighted users can count how many words to move forward and say “move forward 10 words.”  The blind user can also say the same thing but how do you count words using speech? Speech-recognition can be incredibly efficient if you have a large number of commands to handle your tasks. I cannot say if speech will ever replace the keyboard. I doubt it will for the reasons other users have outlined. The way is to think of input methods as complimentary.


Long live NVDA and the keyboard and speech-recognition!


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