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Robin Frost

Ron makes a good point. Whenever anyone begins prognostication about the future and such communications are peppered with such enthusiasm for the demise of one or another programs or companies rather than making statements based on factual possibilities it causes their entire argument or point to become suspect in my humble view.
Since many Screen Reading Software venders are working in cooperation with Microsoft and other tech oriented companies more and more of late and since even competing tech giants seem to be collaborating more and more on things like HID standards for connections to braille displays for instance whatever the future holds I’m certain that they and we as a community of users will find means to keep moving forward and with diligence, forethought and polite advocacy when necessary will retain the strides we’ve made regarding accessibility and hopefully gain even more ground therein.

From: Ron Canazzi
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I am not qualified enough to comment on this subject, but I'll say one thing for the author. He seems to be filled with glee over the prospect of the demise of VFO FKA Freedom Scientific.


On 6/1/2018 12:40 AM, Sky Mundell wrote:

Hello NVDA community. It’s Sky. I wanted to ask you guys a question.  Will NVDA be incorporating voice commands in into the screen reader? Because a friend of mine has told me that in three years everything is going to be voice activated. Yes we have dictation bridge for Voice activation, but what my friend means is that in three years, the computers, etc. will all be done via Voice activation without a keyboard. Here is what he has to say.

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Hi Sky,


I just received an email from my local supermarket. I do an on line shop there every week. From today I can order it via Alexa, Google home and other apps using voice only ordering.


I did say this is the way forward. With Amazon and Google competing, this voice activation is going to be the next huge thing in computing. I've said this for a while as you know. The next step is using actual programs/apps via voice activation. Just watch my friend. VFO is finished, on the way out. They won't be able to compete in an open market. Not as huge as this one. Just imagine my friend. At the moment I have my favorites in a shopping list. Think about the key strokes I need to use to get to them? Then additional items. I have to do a search of often up to 40 products with a similar name. arrowing down, tabbing down. Then adding them to my shopping basket. Going through the dates for delivery and times. Then all the key strokes in using my card details authorization process. All done with our voice. At least quarter of the time normally spent shopping. This does spell the end of VFO.


Everything is going to be voice activated in the next 3 years. There isn't any other way for web developers to go.


Progress sometimes my friend is slow but when it starts, it is like a high speed jet aircraft. Nothing stands in it's way.


There will be some people who won't change. Or use both methods to carry out tasks. Now VFO have to utilize jws to act on voice commands. With Dug in Microsoft. I can see VFO being left thousands of miles behind. Then when they introduce pay monthly fees. The very fast extinction of jws and other products will come to a very sudden and dramatic halt. They may think they have the market share for programs relating of the blind. They don't any more and they are the ones who are blind and not us.


Live long and prosper, John


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