30 Minutes To NVDACon 2018...

Bhavya shah

Dear NVDA users, developers, and enthusiasts across the globe,

NVDACon, short for the NVDA Users and Developers Conference, your only
opportunity every year to network with NVDA experts, contributors and
fellow beneficiaries is here. NVDACon 2018 begins in no more than 30
minutes from this moment.

With an array of sessions centred around the theme “Futureproofing
NVDA”, we invite you to witness talks from rising stars in the NVDA
Add-ons community, resident NVDA experts, and blindness agencies about
what they have gained and given to NVDA. NVDACon has never been more
diverse, more international, and more community-driven as NVDACon

Without any further ado, participate in NVDACon 2018 live by joining
us on Teamtalk at the server address nvdacon.org and the two ports set
at 10333. To learn fully about the variety of sessions we have been
hinting at, check out the complete conference schedule at

Like us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/nvdacon and follow us on
Twitter at @nvdacon to receive live updates about the happenings at
the conference. Half an hour still to go, and we have several dozens
of NVDA enthusiasts already filling the lobby. Will you come by too as
we discuss the futureproofing of this 12-year strong transformative
assistive technology product?

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah
NVDACon Planning Committee

Blogger at Hiking Across Horizons: https://bhavyashah125.wordpress.com/

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