Re: Easiest Way to Upgrade an Existing Portable Installation

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


Have you already got nvda installed? if so do the following.

If you grab the latest version of NVDA which is 2018.2 rc2 make sure you
install it to your computer first.

The reason for this is after you have made a portable copy now you do
not have to do all the other steps as you used to do.

While nvda is running use the nvda key + letter N, arrow down to tools a
sub menu will come off it then arrow down to the one that says make a
portable copy then press the enter key.

The next screen that comes up         it will land in a edit area. Now
install your usb stick into the computer you should hear nvda say the
drive letter like e: drive. While in the edit area still make sure it is
clear as in no text then type in the drive letter and folder name. for
example e:\nvda Then tab a couple of times and you will hear nvda say
copy current configuration.  If you want to check the box with the space
bar then Next you will hear nvda say Start the new portable copy after
creation and you can if you want it to start check this box as well.
Then tab to continue then press the enter key it will now install nvda
to your usb stick in a folder called nvda on the e:\ drive and put all
the files into it.

After that has been done the next time you want to upgrade the version
of nvda while it is running from off the usb stick is go to the help
menu then check for updates. It will tell you if there is one. If there
is you can then download it to your usb stick. it will then give you a
message when it is down press the enter key on the ok button then
install it. It will update over the version that is on the usb stick
just like you do when you use the installer copy of nvda.

I put a audio tutorial  up on the nvda audio tutorials page showing it
can be either done on a usb stick or off a portable version on the
computer..  I think in the tutorial it also shows how to post pone the
update 2.

I think the tutorial is called like the new update feature and post
poning a update but it is around the USB section on the page.

Hope the above helps.

Gene nz

On 6/2/2018 4:54 AM, Richard Wells wrote:
Could some kind soul outline steps for upgrading an existing portable
installation of NVDA? I keep having to start over each time an upgrade
is released, because I can't figure out how to use the executable to
direct its update path to, say, e:\nvda. Thanks in advance for your

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