Reading capitals in NVDA

Sam Taylor

Hi all,

I've received the following query from a user and, whilst I don't think the feature exists, I thought I'd raise the query on-list to see if there's a way the following can be accomplished:

In the default setting, JAWS reads capitals the same way NVDA does, by an elevation in pitch, and only when you are spelling a word out letter by letter.  However, JAWS has an additional setting that allows it to indicate capitals by elevating the pitch of any word with a cap in it, whether you are reading by word, line, paragraph or say-all.  If you incorrectly put a capital letter on “morphine” in a medical report, nobody is going to die.  But work for a publisher must be letter-perfect.  You can hardly read an entire article, much less a whole novel, letter by letter just to make sure all the caps are in the right places! 

If anybody knows if, via an add-on, there is such an adjustment to cap reading possible in NVDA and how to accomplish it, I would be grateful if you were to get in touch.

Many thanks


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