Re: browse mode

Sam Taylor


What message is returned if you go into a browser, turn input help on, with NVDA+1, and then press H?

On 3/06/2018 09:50, Brennen Kinch wrote:

no I’m using the full version of NVDA not any snapshots also it looks like I am in the full webpage when I’m doing this so I’m not sure what’s going on and it seems to be happening with all web browsers as well
On Jun 2, 2018, at 5:06 PM, Brennen Kinch <brennenkinch@...> wrote:

hi has anyone had any trouble with using brows mode in latest versions of NVDA
particularly with using the shortcut keys in brows mode for example when I press the H key for headings it says no checkboxes no edit box no link but it doesn’t say anything about headings
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling NVDA am resetting my configurations of no luck can anyone please help me

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