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Hi good people:
I just want to know if there is a specific limit of gigabyte memory
space that a computer needs to have for NVDA to work effectively. How
much GB of memory space is required.
Hope to read a response.
I am Ibrahim.

Well, I guess this one of those old chestnuts. Lets just say that the most probable issue will be the minimum spec needed to run other software you want to use. Most will be more greedy than nvda. From my experience at least a 2 core processor is needed particularly if you want to use other speech synths. it is also highly recomented that you run windows 10, though i use 7 with no real problems, it will be the more modern machines that have the better spec. other peoples cast offs that are running 7 may well only have a single core processor and 2 gig of ram which might make things very sluggish.
i do successfully run the older versions of nvda on xp machines and there has been no changes since modern versions of nvda cannot run in xp.

Even on those old machines though browsers tend to be very slow indeed and its got little to do with nvda!
So its really up to what you are trying to do on your computer I feel and what options are open to you in your country.

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