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It isn't just a question of how much memory is needed.  NVDA doesn't use a lot of memory by itself.  But if you use a newer speech synthesizer with more natural sounding voices, I can't remember the names now, perhaps because I dislike most of them and don't use any, The voices will use much more memory. 
So the question has to be defined in this way. 
If you have sufficient memory to run the programs you are running generally, unless you are using your existing RAM almost to the limit, NVDA with older synthesizers won't require additional memory.  If you are using a newer synthesizer, you may if you are using most of your RAM without running NVDA.

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I use a laptop with 4 gb; nvda works fine.  I have never tried it with a 2 gig machine.

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Hi good people:
I just want to know if there is a specific limit of gigabyte memory space that a computer needs to have for NVDA to work effectively.  How much GB of memory space is required.
Hope to read a response.
I am Ibrahim.

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