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Hi Brennen and others,
Based on messages from the list archive, this is not a COM registration problem. As Sam pointed out, this may have to do with key mapping problem where you press a first letter key and Windows interprets it as something else.

Can you try the following for me please:

1. Revert to NVDA 2018.1 unless you've installed RC already.
2. Open NVDA menu (NVDA key+N), then open Tools, then select "manage add-ons".
3. See if you have any add-ons. If this is a fresh install, add-ons list will be empty, so no need to go to step 4.
4. If you have one or more add-ons, close Add-ons Manager and restart NVDA in safe mode (add-ons disabled). To do this, press NVDA+Q, then select "restart with add-ons disabled". If this solves the problem, proceed to step 5, otherwise try what Sam T suggests.
5. With NVDA restarted with add-ons turned off, go to NVDA menu/Tools/manage add-ons.
6. From add-ons list, go through each add-on, enable the item (Alt+E), then close and restart. Repeat this step for all add-ons (one by one) until the problem resurfaces.
7. In case the problem comes back after enabling a specific add-on, please write down the name of the add-on so it can be reported to the add-ons community ASAP.

In case the problem is not resolved, please do:

1. Go to NVDA general settings (NVDA menu/Preferences/General for 2018.1 and earlier, NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/General in 2018.2, or press Control+NVDA+G).
2. Locate "logging level" combo box and set it to "debug" and press Enter to save changes.
3. Use the browser and try issuing some first letter keys.
4. After this, press NVDA+F1 and copy everything from the window that appears and send it to as an email message. Be sure to describe what's going on and paste the log content.
5. Return to general settings and set log level to info.

In step 4, I said it should be sent to another email address because setting log level to debug causes everything you type and NVDA speaks to be logged for the world to see, and for many, this is a big concern.

Hope this helps.
P.S. For others: I'll teach you what I just did as part of a three-part Beginning NVDA Tech Support training later in June.

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I am honestly not sure
On Jun 3, 2018, at 9:29 PM, Brennen Kinch <> wrote:

OK I’ll download it it’s in the browser in the web browser every time
I hit one of the buttons instead of saying what it’s for but usually
says like no checkboxes no frames instead of the element it’s actually
On Jun 3, 2018, at 9:27 PM, Gene New Zealand <> wrote:


You can obtain a copy of 2018.2 rc2 from the following link at

Just reading back over what the other Gene had said you did not
mention unknown or pane when in the browsers or down in the running
applications area etc. The tool in that RC version wouldive in most fixed that problem.

Reading back it said no check boxes etc that sounded like you were in
browse mode. Was this in the browser? or some other program?

From what sam said it sounds like it could be a possibility with your
anti virus raining problems there.

Gene nz


On 6/4/2018 11:07 AM, Brennen Kinch wrote:
how do i find the rc versions
On Jun 3, 2018, at 6:45 PM, Gene New Zealand <> wrote:

the tool Brian is refering to if it is the same bug i think it
might be grab a copy of nvda 2018.2 rc2 and download it and install
it to your computer. Then while nvda is running use the nvda key +
letter N to go into the preferences of nvda then go to tools a sub
menu will come off it then locate the following menu called Run COM
Registration Fixing tool... then press the enter key.

I am not sure after that but after the process should register any
broken dlls that nvda needs to use.

let us know if it does the trick.

By the way after you press the enter key on it the menu e pointed
you towards i am not sure if there are any thing or screen after that to follow.

Gene nz

On 6/3/2018 9:30 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
If you can run the latest master, and the problem is what I think
is being suspected, then it has a tool that attempts to fix such
problems in windows installations.
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can I Skype with Eugene so we can work out some of those things
I’m not sure I could write them all down in the email
On Jun 2, 2018, at 8:49 PM, Gene New Zealand
<> wrote:


Out of curiosity do you hear sounds or hear browse mode and focus
mode when you go between those modes?

if it is the sound one i think you hear a letter sound and when
you are out of focus mode you hear another sound.

if you want to hear them spoken have a look under the browse mode
settings and uncheck the following box called Audio indication of
focus and browse modes

then save your settings.

If you tab a couple of times do you hear unknown or pane?

Do you also hear it under say the running applications part on
windows and it is not speaking the icons down there and some
other stuff like that?

By the way which version of nvda are you running? did you
download the latest nvda 2018.2 rc2 version if so there is a tool
in this version of nvda that might fix it.

If you are not really getting that stuff then we can sus some
thing else out and maybe narrow it a little.

Gene nz

On 6/3/2018 11:50 AM, Brennen Kinch wrote:
no I’m using the full version of NVDA not any snapshots also it
looks like I am in the full webpage when I’m doing this so I’m
not sure what’s going on and it seems to be happening with all
web browsers as well
On Jun 2, 2018, at 5:06 PM, Brennen Kinch

hi has anyone had any trouble with using brows mode in latest
versions of NVDA particularly with using the shortcut keys in
brows mode for example when I press the H key for headings it
says no checkboxes no edit box no link but it doesn’t say
anything about headings I have tried uninstalling and
reinstalling NVDA am resetting my configurations of no luck can
anyone please help me

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