Re: "Unofficial" NVDA Add-Ons Repository

Vlad Dragomir

I totally agree with you Brian! Besides, this obsession about safety isn't always a great thing. I'm not saying that we should go out and look for trouble. However, non-official rarely means dangerous. I've been using computers since 2001, and benefited so much from taking risks and trying new things. Of course accidents happen sometimes,no one is 100 % safe from anything. But if you start by believing that every unknown person is a killer, we might as well spend the rest of our lives terrified in a buddhist monastry up in the mountains. And even that might not be safe actually.

I simply felt I should express these thought for those who might want to listen. This way, those who still hesitate can make an informed decision.

Best regards to all of you, both adventurous and afraid of their own shadows! *smile*


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