Re: "Unofficial" NVDA Add-Ons Repository

Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...>

I think people don't submit their addons for code review because hey don't want to be told their bloody var names aren't up to spec. I don't see what it matters if you use camel case, pascal case, or no case. I think auditing code should focus on things that actually do matter, like confirming that the code in question is non-malicious, will not significantly decrease NVDA's performance, will not collect and disseminate data without gaining user's permission and so on.

I should write an addon and see how far I get. Probably not far as I am not a good coder. It would be interesting what kinds of feedback I would get. If it was stuff like var names, or make sure your indents are the signature four spaces, etc. I'd probably chuckle and hand it over to someone like Jeff's repository. Though if I got feedback like, a better way to go about this is X, Y, and Z, I'd take it more seriously and try to implement it. I do see the necessity of this stuff if you're submitting a PR, or working with Core, because then it does matter. I also see the significance of conforming to the style of a project if you are a collaborator, but an addon is independent, and optional, if someone write a var like thisIsTheKeyThatTheUserPressedAndNowWeWillDoThingsWithIt, I mean I would never do that, but I mean who cares. My vars are like idx and itm, short which is how I like it, and if I think its questionable what it will do I will comment. I am bad about putting comments in code too, and I do realize the importance of that, since some of my work takes place at 3 in the morning right before I go to bed sometimes and I don't remember doing it. I also wish that sometimes I would have written more useful things in the comments rather than strings of expletives. I mostly code in MOO on a MOO and the only other person who will care about it is the owner so, there's that.

As far as safety goes, I do agree, I wouldn't want to be seeing people destroy their machines over malicious addons, but what an you do, I'd definitely throw a disclaimer up on the community site if there isn't one already that says basically that NVAccess is not held responsible for the use of addons, and the use of addons outside this site may be dangerous, etc. There's only so much you can do to protect someone from themselves. And believe me, if they get bitten, they'll learn, I have and I have learned. I wiped out the data across two drives one time while messing around with partitioning on Linux when I didn't know what I was doing. I learned to do it correctly, I was, shall we say, highly motivated.

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 2:14 AM, Vlad Dragomir <vladdragomir1983@...> wrote:
I totally agree with you Brian! Besides, this obsession about safety isn't always a great thing. I'm not saying that we should go out and look for trouble. However, non-official rarely means dangerous. I've been using computers since 2001, and benefited so much from taking risks and trying new things. Of course accidents happen sometimes,no one is 100 % safe from anything. But if you start by believing that every unknown person is a killer, we might as well spend the rest of our lives terrified in a buddhist monastry up in the mountains. And even that might not be safe actually.

I simply felt I should express these thought for those who might want to listen. This way, those who still hesitate can make an informed decision.

Best regards to all of you, both adventurous and afraid of their own shadows! *smile*


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