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Onn of the problems you will find is that most are 64 bit so if you are still using 32 bit computers, you are not going to be able to run them. Unfortunately, Firefox 52.8esr is very slow to start on older hardware.
I did try to find a usable installer fro xp chrome but it seems to have been deleted from every site I've looked at and there is no guarantee that even if it were the full installer that it would be able to work very well with newer web sites.
I think most of the others like pale moon and vivaldi based on firefox are either so cut down there is no accessibility api or they suffer the same issue of slowdown on firefox esr.
The only thing I can say and its really at ones own risk is that older versions say 45 of firefox are considerably faster on xp and slower hardware but may not be totally safe or have much support left.

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Subject: [nvda] i need list of accessible browsers

hello every one.
i wish that find list of browsers based on chrome and based on firefox
and level of there accessibility.
how can i find such list?
can someone please send me the link?
also, did someone test opera recently to see its accessibility?
how about chromium, slimjet and vivaldi?
i appreciate any help, God bless you all!

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