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Walker, Michael E

The latest Mozilla Firefox with NVDA 2018.1.1 works fine for me on Windows 10.

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there isn't much of a list anyway.

1.  internet explorer, though thats old, insecure and crashes a lot.

2.  edge, its a replacement but you choose if you like it.

3.  chrome, just about everyone uses this somewhere it can be good or not you choose.

4.  waterfox, this may change but its old firefox with a bit more improvement.

5.  firefox esr 52 which is fine or 60 which well I don't use.

6.  firefox normal which I don't use but if you have a fast cpu and loads of ram and don't need to fiddle with visual controls its probably ok.

7.  opera, unknown myself.

Those are the major platforms the blind can use.

of course, thats subjective.

There are loads of ports for web brousers, there are older ports and shells for internet explorer like webformatter or web ie but these are out of date and antivirus can mark them as a problem.

Over that you have choice.

Web brousers that may work are sea monkey, the origional mozilla engine, netscape communicater 4x 5zx or 3 x.

Internet explorer 8 if you can find it, or 6 if you can find it but not much runs on that.

Your best bet if you have no idea is to be safe.

Safe brousers right now for me are waterfox and chrome and maybe firefox?

Ie is good for a few things but I wouldn't trust my data to it unless a site needs it, some things just crash with other stuff <sigh>

Edge, is edge.

Status may be heading towards accessibility but with ms being ms the trust I have for win10 is as only good as the current build I am on.

Every build requires you to relearn some of it, in most cases I have been able to for the most part shut down all the new stuff I don't care about and continue as I am.

I am concerned with microsoft getting github though.

Lets see, shut down everything so everyone needs to use microsoft software.

Lets hope microsoft are not brought out by twitter.

On 6/4/2018 10:31 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
If you're looking for a list which is tuned to your personal criteria,
then you are the best person to create such a list, based on your own
assessment of what works well and what doesn't.

If you're looking for a general list which may be applicable to people
other than yourself, then I think I've already given reasons why it doesn't exist.


On Monday 04 June 2018 at 12:21:27, zahra wrote:

hi antony,
for number 2, as you know, i only have nvda on windows and dont know
and dont have any operating systems and screen reader except windows
and nvda.
i dont use video websites, online shopp, games, messengers, etc.
so, i need the information for general usage of browsers in
accessibility with nvda, the browsers that are based on gecko and
chrome, and also specially about the browsers that i mentioned there
names in my previous comment.
please help, thanks so much, God bless you!

On 6/4/18, Antony Stone <antony.stone@...> wrote:
I do not think you will find such a list, because:

1. browsers change too quickly, with new releases, bug fixes, extra
features etc, so it would be a lot of work to keep any list up to
date with these changes

2. there isn't a single measure of "accessibility" because some
browser features work better with NVDA than with JAWS, some work
better with JAWS than with Voiceover, some work better with Braille
than with speech output, so there isn't a single way of measuring
the accessibility of a browser that is meaningful to everyone

3. it also depends on what sort of websites you visit and what you
want to do with your browser, so for some purposes and users one
browser / screenreader combination may be best, but for other uses
and users that may not be the best choice.



On Monday 04 June 2018 at 11:31:32, zahra wrote:
hello every one.
i wish that find list of browsers based on chrome and based on
firefox and level of there accessibility.
how can i find such list?
can someone please send me the link?
also, did someone test opera recently to see its accessibility?
how about chromium, slimjet and vivaldi?
i appreciate any help, God bless you all!

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