Re: Microsoft is acquiring Github


The Company only need to say no thanks to ms


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I guess it depends very much on their reasons for buying it. One assumes it

means making money so I'd vee very wary about that for a start. If they got

it and shut it all down a heck of a lot of people would be inconvenienced

and have to find a new home.




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> Hello everyone!

> Well, I know that the message I'm writting is maybe a bit out off-topic,

> but I have a breaking news, especially for NVDA's developers, as the

> NVDA project is hosted on Github. Microsoft is preparing to acquire this

> company, as it purchased Skype, LinkedIn, Nokia, and other companies in

> the past. I don't know how could we be affected, but it's well to be up

> to date with the things that are happening in the world as much as we

> can. Read these posts to find out further information.



> Cheers,

> Florian







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