Re: Microsoft is acquiring Github


Well I doubt microsoft will kill opensource software in general even for other oses.

They have been open since the death of win10 mobile and their mobile devices.

At least I hope that doesn't happen.

Things we could see that are positive could include the git intergration into windows development environment and windows insiders having git access or ms account needed for git access which isn't a bad thing by any stretch.

Full accessible git support etc.

However with twitter shutting down third party apps, they simply could close git down.

On 6/5/2018 6:11 AM, Florian Ionașcu wrote:
Hello everyone!
Well, I know that the message I'm writting is maybe a bit out off-topic,
but I have a breaking news, especially for NVDA's developers, as the
NVDA project is hosted on Github. Microsoft is preparing to acquire this
company, as it purchased Skype, LinkedIn, Nokia, and other companies in
the past. I don't know how could we be affected, but it's well to be up
to date with the things that are happening in the world as much as we
can. Read these posts to find out further information.


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