Re: Microsoft is acquiring Github


Well with microsoft releasing a lot of opensource thing and with its launch into other oses, android, ios and linux one assumes that this is more streamlining than anything else.

A universal accessible git would be nice for developers.

Skype for what it is is still a good platform especially now they have classic back.

On the other hand, skype itself may die, a lot of people use the facebook owned whats app, and its got better quality and well the family use it.

Its like sky tv vs netflicks and other online retailers, space is tight and limited.

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Well having read it I am little wiser, its all a bit abstract really.
i just wonder what the bottom line actually is here.

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Hello everyone!
Well, I know that the message I'm writting is maybe a bit out off-topic,
but I have a breaking news, especially for NVDA's developers, as the
NVDA project is hosted on Github. Microsoft is preparing to acquire this
company, as it purchased Skype, LinkedIn, Nokia, and other companies in
the past. I don't know how could we be affected, but it's well to be up
to date with the things that are happening in the world as much as we
can. Read these posts to find out further information.


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