Important notice about upcoming Windows 10 App Essentials 18.06/18.05.3: provisions to support NVDA 2018.2 RC


Hi everyone,


In a few hours I’ll release Windows 10 App Essentials 18.06 and 18.05.3. Due to vast differences in some code sections, both will be released at the same time, targeting different NVDA versions:


  • 18.05.3: NVDA 2018.1.1 and earlier.
  • 18.06: NVDA 2018.2 RC and later (including stable version).


Please follow the below procedure from start to finish:


  1. Windows 10 App Essentials 18.05.3 will hit the air first. Please use add-on update check facility to check for this version.
  2. Shortly afterwards (in a matter of minutes), version 18.06 will hit the air. If you happen to be using 18.05.3 and find that version 18.06 is offered: say “yes” if you are using NVDA 2018.2 RC or snapshot builds; say “no” if you need to keep 2018.1.1 or earlier around until 2018.2 hits the air.
  3. If you accidentally install 18.06 on a computer running NVDA 2018.1.1, or install 18.05.3 on systems with NVDA 2018.2, don’t worry – procedures are in place to help you upgrade/downgrade to appropriate release. I’ll provide direct links for those who need them.
  4. Once NVDA 2018.2 stable hits the air, add-on 18.06 will be offered to everyone.


The above procedure does not apply if you are using development snapshots of this add-on (both regular and pilot variants). However, due to code differences between regular and pilot snapshots, regular development snapshots will be paused for a while. Once NVDA 2018.2 hits the air, development snapshot variants will merge back into a single variant – regular builds until a new NVDA snapshot calls for separating the variants again.


Thank you.



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