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Hi John.

My information is three years out of date.

When I used this type of software, it was necessary for your screen reader to track the cursor. You will probably need for the cursor to blink as fast as possible. You should experiment with a cursor that looks like a block, or a horizontal or vertical line. It might be worth contacting your screen-reader's provider to find out the best way to track the cursor.

I used JAWS. I did not have to use the review mode to access the line the cursor was on.

I used SecureCRT to access the Linux environment for many years.

I apologize, but I have forgotten my own cursor settings.

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I've been experimenting with SecureCRT. I can log in, but then it says Term and won't do anything. I'm using a Braille display. If I get past the login problem, does Braille have to be tethered to review? the computer does not have a separate numpad. How can I use my display?


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