Re: Something strange in Firefox


It is a beta as far as I know.

On 15/05/2016 12:40 a.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Brian,

I have seen a number of references to Firefox 47. I am running 46 now
and I have updates set to automatic. I wonder is this 47 a beta of some
sort? Maybe that's why people are having difficulties. I am running
Windows 8.1 64 bit. Maybe the 47 is for 32 bit???

On 5/14/2016 3:41 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Is this 47 again. I had to reinstall 46 a couple of weeks ago and turn
off updates as for a staart it was much slower on single core systems
and some add ons stopped working correctly, such as navigational sounds
I think this new version has some serious bugs to be ironed out,
myself, as it also kept failing to go the pages the first time it was
told complaining it was not foundd.
Obviviously I no longer have it, so cannot comment if this is yet
another issue, but I've had no problems since going back.

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Subject: [nvda] Something strange in Firefox

Good morning from sunny Iceland.

After the most recent updates I have found it impossible to copy the
url of a homepage when I want to include the relevant address in a
new document.

Previously I used the command alt+d, but it doesn't work anymore in
Firefox. However Internet Explorer and GoogleChrome still have this

Any advice?

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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