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The thing is that the skype7 powerfull features like keys, etc just didn't make it in other versions.

With the death of skype kit its not like someone could port skype over and convert it to a windows app.

Thats a thought, I do wander if people could ask microsoft to at least port the classic skype interface over for us if not the entire thing, menus, shortcut keys, sound, accessibility, and a few other things like lists of things and the windows and panels as well as boxes.

I do wander what is needed to convert something like skype with the classic app converter to a windows store app, that at least for us on 10 would fix things.

It would be better if ms well ported things over.

Skype does face stiff competition from other previders.

Just about everyone I work for and with uses whatsapp.

Bar family recordings and the like most of my stuff is handled with sightling help via whats app or standard phone calls.

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The chatter is that Skype has lots of security holes and Microsoft are actively looking for a better way to go. when and if that does occur, I imagine the servers will no longer work with older protocols. It has for some time also had far worse drop outs and ducking issues sounding like a very badly set up vox system, which is annoying if you need to interview some luminary over it as bits of speech vanish.
Team talk does the same, incidentally, but I was very impressed by a friends Face timeĀ  system, its a pity Apple does not make this system work on other platforms.
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Microsoft pushed out skype 8 preview today to me when I looked for updates.

I can't find how to turn it off the options are not in advanced, luckily I can still get classic skype, but if this really becomes a problem, my plan will to unsubscribe from the nvda group, its about the only thing and reason I have skype classic now.

After that I will use skype classic for amily things till microsoft finally pull it, however, I suspect its going to be a smart device, skype and maybe whats app pritty soon.

Its also clear that microsoft is now no longer keeping it a secret on skype7's death.

They are not updating it anymore.

Thats fine as long as we can still get it and never get an update for it again.

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