NVDA and Google Play?

David Russell

Hi NVDA Group,

In April, I signed up for, and purchased two books to read from my
desktop on Google Play. All was well until last evening when I could
not access either title. It had been a couple weeks since I had read
one of the two titles there.

Everything appears "collapsed" contents, navigation, and any other
identified links when using the up or down arrow keys when in Google
Play itself.
When going to previous or next page in the document, NVDA reads, Oops
page cannot be opened - or something like that.
Of course, getting help from Google is near impossible. Trying to
refresh FireFox with the f5 key from both the address bar, and in
Google Play itself, does not change things.
Any ideas on how to make reading once again accessible?

Thanks in advance.
David Russell

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