Re: Add-on compatibility notice: NvDA Remote Support add-on 2.1 is not compatible with wxPython 4, new release recommended


Considering that, unlike other add-ons, we all crowdfunded the development of this very add-on, I'd hope something is done about it very soon,

Il 07/06/2018 18:14, Joseph Lee ha scritto:

Hi all,

The below notice is considered critical:

It’s happening again: with the introduction of wxPython 4 in next snapshots, users of NVDA Remote add-on are having startup issues related to missing attribute in wxPython 4.

I propose the following solutions:

* I highly recommend releasing Remote add-on 2.2 to fix this issue.
* Perhaps adding a statement on website explaining
that Remote add-on should be disabled if using recent NVDA next
* The community should release an updated version of this add-on
with permission from add-on authors and maintainers.




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