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Betreff: [nvda-addons] Invitation: a three-part seminar on introduciton to NVDA tech support for trainers


Dear NVDA community,


At the 2018 NVDACon, I hosted a session about product technical support. I talked about what tech support really is and how it works, along with applying general principles to NVDA community and gave three reasons – product, people, movement – why people should invest time in future-proofing NVDA through tech support. Given that many of you met NVDA through user forums and other tech support venues, I proposed during the session a three-part seminar on introduction to NVDA tech support. I’d like to announce that this seminar will be held this summer, likely towards end of June. Due to facility issues, we won’t be using TeamTalk for this, but I’d be happy to conduct this over Zoom (which is accessible, by the way).


The overall purpose of this seminar is to equip individuals to provide more effective tech support for NVDA users. Anyone interested in providing such a service, especially certified NVDA experts around the world and organizations seeking to provide localized tech support are highly encouraged to attend this seminar series. The seminar series will take place over the course of three Saturdays (start date and how to join the seminar will be communicated to you soon) and will involve hands-on demonstrations and mock scenarios.


Seminar outline:


  • Day 1: introduction to technical support and deeper overview of NVDA concepts


In this seminar, you’ll be introduced to what tech support is and how it works, as well as a deeper overview of NVDA concepts you need to know for tech support such as object navigation, review cursor, user interface and other topics.


  • Day 2: Recognize and troubleshoot common problems and tech support etiquette


In this seminar, we’ll dive into common problems users encounter, as well as how to troubleshoot these and common steps to take when troubleshooting various issues, including dealing with add-ons, problem reproduction and others. We’ll also learn how to make impact on users through etiquette when providing tech support.


  • Day 3: deciphering NVDA logs and additional tech support resources


In this seminar, we’ll learn how to read and understand NVDA log files, including different log levels, where log files are stored, as well as common errors seen in logs. We’ll also talk about additional tech support resources for users.


  • Day 4 (optional): dealing with add-ons


This seminar, if requested by high demand, will look at what exactly NVDA add-ons are and how to spot issues when using them. Topics include how to enable or disable individual or all add-ons at once, troubleshooting issues related to add-on conflicts, gesture assignments, and communicating with add-on authors.


  • Additional training seminars if requested.


If anyone is interested in this seminar series, please do let me know privately (email or Twitter will do; if using Twitter, my handle is joslee).





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