Re: More non reading problems in new dropbox on windows 7 with latest master snaps


I'm not talking about the new shared components window.  I don't know anything about that and we haven't gotten responses from anyone else about whether they see it. 
Concerning the preferences tabs, it sounds suspiciously likely that you have done something in both machines that makes these things not work.  I don't know what, an add on to something, running some sort of maintanence program, something.  Why haven't we seen one other report about either of these problems and why, even when you specifically asked about the preferences in Drop Box, didn't one person report the same problem? 

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Sent: Friday, June 08, 2018 6:39 AM
Subject: [nvda] More non reading problems in new dropbox on windows 7 with latest master snaps

Hi. In addition to the preferences tab being totally blank on my two
machines running windows 7, a new window for shared folders seems to have
been invented that asks permission to delete from all devices when you
delete a file. However it just looks like a blank empty window, but
sometimes I can hear the content but I seemingly cannot know for sure I have
clicked the button as it seems not to have any kind of  way to know where it
 Now some people on here say the preferences work, but they do not for me,
so could somebody look into this issue as I know dropbox is often used by
 If I have two machines one with the pro and one with home of windows 7 not
reading these screens in nvda, there are probably going to be others.
 I have not had time to try older versions as yet, but before I start
ticketing I'd like to know if its nvda or dropbox.
 Ta muchly.

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