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Christopher Gray


I did figure out how to contact Magix and got the following response, actually a pretty good response.

Does anybody know about NVDA and this QT Framework? Is this something that is being addressed in NVDA at all?

It sounds to me like these guys could be interested in helping.


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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 12:21:29 +0200
From: MAGIX Support <support@...>
To: chris@...
Subject: Re: [Ticket#2018051617008471] Ihre Anfrage an den Kundendienst

Greetings Chris,

Thank you for contacting us.  I have discussed it with our developers, and I
have also researched the NVDA and Cobra screen readers, and it is our opinion
that the problem is caused by the new interface for SFAS 12.  The new version
uses QT framework, and from what I have found, there are many, many complaints
from seeing impaired users about difficulties with screen readers interacting
with QT framework.  I would recommend writing the makers of the screen readers
and ask them if they know of an incompatibility issue with QT framework.  Of
course, if there is, we would be happy to refund your purchase.  If you would
like, I could send you a trial version of Sound Forge Audio Studio 10...I know
it's a bit older, but it uses a different framework, and should work much
better with screen reading software.  If you want to try that, let me know,
and I'll be happy to set it up.

??e apologize to you for the inconvenience of that.  I personally see it as a
big problem, and I will talk with our developers about what we can do in the
future to change this--it should be our goal as a company to make sure all of
our programs can function properly when used with a screen reading interface.
??e thank you for your time, and we will await your response.  In the meantime,
have a great day!

Best regards,
Craig Dickerson

MAGIX Software GmbH

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01067 Dresden

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05/16/2018 21:35 - chris@... wrote: [METADATA_START]
Interview: Do you wish to contact Technical Support? -> Music -> My enquiry is
about SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12

- Intel 7g
Operating system:
- Windows 7
- 16g
Sound Card:
- Onboard HD and Audiobox
Graphics Card:
- Don't Know, worked fine with Sound forge 10
- Internet Explorer

I use the NVDA screen reader for the blind and Cobra screen reader for the
Soundforge 12.5 will not allow me to highlight portions of an audio file and
around randomly in the file as well.  I need somebody to assist me in working
directly with the screen reader manufacturer to try and see what is going on.

Thank you.


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