Re: end of the line for nvda skype group

Sarah k Alawami

I don't know, I don't  use windows 7. You will have to google for this.

On Jun 8, 2018, at 8:31 AM, zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:

does skype electron needs to update or it can works forever?

On 6/8/18, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:
Google for and use skype electron. I heard that is a simpler version of
skype. It by the way only works on windows 7 so that won't help most of us.

On Jun 8, 2018, at 12:05 AM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

I havn't found a way to stop it updating, however you can continue to
download and use classic for now.

On win10 it has no updates so it doesn't ask you to do that.

I have pulled out of the nvda descussion group, and I don't need skype to
be active right now.

There should be update settings under advanced but I have not found this
at all.

As for the future, eventually everyone will have to use the universal app,
maybe but who knows.

I don't need skype, and to be honest I may end up abandoning it and
calling the expensive but accessible way over the phone or using email.

On 6/8/2018 6:38 PM, zahra wrote:
hi shaun and all.
is it possible to use classic version and ban updating it that never
updates to version 8?
is there any solution for skype?
i just need voice call and reading and sending messages, if it can
supports sending files is good, but the most important priority for me
is voice call and text message.
i dont need group call at this time and it was not be useful for me
until now, not sure about my future needs.

On 6/8/18, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
What about groups and personal things.

One idea for me when skype classic finally dies is to try google
hangouts as coolblindtech guys did use it for one of the reviews and
quality of the recording was top notch.

On 6/8/2018 6:03 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Check out zoom. I use it for all of my business meetings and I have
touched team talk since. You can do screen sharing (yes that is
accessible) ) and moe with it. Other  users can call in by phone if
want to or need to. I really love it.

On Jun 7, 2018, at 2:56 AM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...>

It looks like its not completely the end.

It appears for 7 and 8 users we will have to just not install the
classic update.

For 10 users, it appears microsoft have left us alone.

Previded we can get the skype classic program, ms doesn't ask us to
switch over to the universal.

So at least for the moment they are leaving us alone who knows how
that is but still.

I have not as yet tried this.

The nvda skype group didn't have much traffic and I was thinking of
pulling out anyway.

Skype isnot a real issue for me as I hardly use it.

Skype web via miranda works for text, now if I can use it to call
then fine I guess.

There is zello but I have never figured it out as such.

On the other side those of us on android and ios devices will still
able to use skype,.

This seems to effect desktops, that is windows, mac and linux only.

For group chats there is teamtalk, and <>
offering competitive rates right now.

I am interested though in some kind of voip or sip app that is easy
use, accessible and can use as a protocol skype calls, messages,
and file shares which are the only things I ever use.

If that can be done and if I can login with my skype account then

Right now skype classic still works.

Eventually that may die but who knows.

The skype interface with miranda ng is a bit different, I will have
get used to it but right now well.

I don't use skype enough to justify upgrading to anything new, I
use that much of skype's power as it is.

On 6/7/2018 9:00 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
I have to say its not been used here for almost a year now.
I find it irritating that such a simple system is not being made
available in a basic form for low tech users and without the flashy
front end changes every fortnight. Skype always had a reputation of
bringing out improvements that broke it, and it seems this has not
stopped with Microsoft owning it, sadly.
So what else is out there for desktop machines for good quality
over the internet free?

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Hi all of you.

Pulling out of nvda skype group now because of 1, skypes uncertain
future and 2. the fact I hardly contribute to it, I will shift all
conversational contributions to this list from now on if I havn't

I will still use skype classic for family, but due to things as
stand I may have to remove skype from my contact and other info, it
will be email for internationals only, skype if they need, but I
no longer advertise.

Microsoft has lost another user, skype classic interface is easy to
understand, the new one I just don't care for.

Its a pitty its got to end this way but I may as well cut my losses
right now rather than having to bother with things going bang.

I will have to either search for another solution or start paying
charges for international calls because skype new versions are

Way to go ms.

Can't skype classic just be pulled from the update loop and still
kept active?

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