Re: Windows 10 with classic shell again


Well I am having issues in 10 with the search, I wander if I can say search apps or just disable online searches entirely it can get confusing.
Then again sometimes windows will find what I want.
Even though I now have a system I can experiment on I still find myself getting round faster in 7 than 10.
And while I can safely see I can turn off some annoyances with the desktop and the lock screen, and even show some sound events for shutdown and logoff and on and such though they don't play I am more likely to have it.
However I may still customise it to emulate 7 though I think I hope I will master more of its default configuration in the coming weeks.

On 15/05/2016 9:04 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Hi still trying to come to terms with win 10.
There are alerts where the text of the message is not spoken and has to
be accessed via one of the navigation modes, all you tend to hear by
default are the buttons. This is quite clearly not a good thing.
It seems to affect things like where access is denied, continue with etc
mostly, though some others have been spotted as well. Is this something
to do with classic shell or is it a known issue on win 10. Also after
following the instructions the other day about moving the UAC slider to
zero, I am still getting denied access to stuff, even though the account
has admin rights. Looking at the permissions and security settings it
seems to be totally incomprehensible fo this human as to what I might
need to alter. What a pity there is no way to get rid of all this stuff
and make it behave like XP when a single user is using it.
It also seems to want network passwords to access it from other
computers, a problem that exists on Windows 7 and up of course as well
as this access denied irritation.
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