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          A word of caution here, it appears that the "cut and paste of text" is not universally supported.  I can cut or copy text out of MS-Word, and paste it in to Paint, but if I select and copy text from the forum page on which I'm typing, from any of the earlier messages or the one I'm writing now, there is no option to paste it.

          If you know that all the text you want to copy from a given program is visible within the window you're working in, and oftentimes that's easy to know for a maximized window with a limited amount of text in it, I'd suggest you take a windowed screen shot instead using ALT+PrtSc, and paste that into Paint.  You will, of course, also have the window frame in that case as well, so if you're working in, say, MS-Word with the ribbons expanded those will be a part of a windowed screen capture  A straight PrtSc does a full screen capture, including your taskbar, etc.


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