Re: win10 classic applications for administration (system activation)


Workaround found: somehow, Narrator reads this admin flow window. Without installing the aforementioned add-on, the product key dialog content will not be read.
1. When the product key dialog appears, restart NVDA while this dialog is in focus.
2. Try navigating the dialog again.

Technical: the "product key" dialog is sandboxed inside an admin flow window that is a completely different app executable than the Settings screen itself. In order to navigate this dialog, NVDA must be told that this is a screen that can be trusted, and one way to do this is restarting NVDA right then. At the moment there's no known workaround that I can code; however, I'd be happy to look into filing a feedback via Feedback Hub.

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Thanks to everyone who has replied, please keep the suggestions coming.

In answer, I do have the win10 app essentials going, it's version
18.25 this is again on 1803 win10.

The link I am refering to Brian is your number 3 the change product key link, I hit that and I get a window popup that says enter product key window, and nothing, no edit field to enter the key, tabbing produces no buttons, it's like a blank window.


On 6/9/18, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
On Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 03:01 pm, Chris Mullins wrote:

Have you got the windows 10 app essentials add-on installed in NVDA?
Try downloading and installing it and see if you ccan read the
controls in Settings.
Chris, I realized I'd never installed this add-on, so I just did (and
restarted NVDA 2018.1.1). It makes no difference whatsoever.


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