Re: jaws & NVDA in combination


On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 08:18 am, Zoe Fiogkos <fiogkos@...> wrote:
Hi Brian the NVDA shift z did indeed announce sleep mode on but unfortunately jaws still doesn’t respond to insert space s to turn on speech, any other ideas?


            Just so you know, the correction e-mail you said you sent noting that INS+S should have been INS+Spacebar, followed by S, never seems to have made it through.

            What I'm wondering, and I have no way to test it, is whether the JAWS speech toggle command is not considered a single keystroke, but two, and if this has an impact?  I presume by now you've seen my message saying that the sleep mode won't really work well functionally simply because it's in force only while focus remains on the application you invoked it on.  The moment you move to another application NVDA speech comes back on.

            I shot an e-mail off to Freedom Scientific Technical Support a few minutes ago asking if JAWS had a "full suspend" toggle and, if so, what the keystroke sequence is.  I know how handy it is to be able to tell any of these programs to simply stop doing anything at all and pretend they're not running until told to come back.  I have a client whose vision is variable enough that he uses JAWS principally for long periods of activity but who will also use ZoomText to get really up close and personal with certain specific items.  It's wonderful to be able to tell ZoomText to "pretend you're not running" until/unless it's needed again rather than doing a complete exit and restart of ZoomText itself.  I'll let you know what I hear back from Freedom Scientific, and that generally takes at least one business day.


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