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Antony Stone

I think it is an overstatement to say that "the USA is the only country that
does not have accessible money".

I agree that not everyone has a smart phone, but how is it possible to live
these days (assuming you have an income, whether it be from a job or from
benefits, or both, and assuming you have a home, which you have to pay for,
either in rent or a mortgage) without a bank account?


On Sunday 10 June 2018 at 01:04:29, brian wrote:

Lets not forget that not everyone has a smart phone and not
everyone has a credit card or a debit card because they don't have a
bank account. They are just defying the judgment against them they are
just lazy and they are hoping that the total cashless society will come
quick enough so they don't have to make our money accessable. The Usa
is the only country that does not have accessable money how sad. We
have to depend on sighted people to tell us what our money is and trust
them to tell us the truth. This does not make me proud to be an
american. our goverment is telling us loud and clear that they don't
care about our needs and we are American citizens what a shame. I hope
that those of you who live in countries and do have accessable curency
are most greatful and thankful for the gift of financial independence.
We Americans would love to have this but who knows if we will ever have
it. Our paper money just all feels the same. a hundred dollar bills
feels like a one dallar bill. I do wish that we had the kind of money
that Canada has they have done it right so if they can do it then so can
the Usa. We have been provided with money readers by nls as a sulution
but try to use this device at the check out counter and see what happens
you will be holding up the line. this is a very bad sulution to the
problem of inaccessable curency. It does not matter if you fold your
bills in different ways or you have a billfold with 4 compartments as I
have you first have to know what the bills are. If you get in a hury
you could miss fold the bill or put it in the wrong compartment I have
done this. We need to be able to identify our paper curency quickly and

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