Re: Windows 10 with classic shell again

Jacob Kruger

Brian, I am running classic shell on my windows 10 64 bit machine, and, yes, UAC popup is still relatively inaccessible, but, narrator seemed to be able to read it somewhat - this was a while ago.

However, I have turned UAC notification level off/set it to zero under control panel, and I don't get blocked for softare, processes, etc.

Closest come is that still get asked if unknown software should be installed, but, that's been happening since XP...<smile>

And, FWIW, in terms of control panel, while windows key + I is helpful/useful, I also have a god mode shortcut on my desktop, since I have preferred that interface since windows 7, but anyway - that's a folder you create with a strange/long name with a whole weird string in it, which then renders as just GodMode, but, I find it does make it easier to find some settings, at times.

But, don't think that will necessarily help with this UAC issue.

Stay well

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Hi still trying to come to terms with win 10.
There are alerts where the text of the message is not spoken and has to be accessed via one of the navigation modes, all you tend to hear by default are the buttons. This is quite clearly not a good thing.
It seems to affect things like where access is denied, continue with etc mostly, though some others have been spotted as well. Is this something to do with classic shell or is it a known issue on win 10. Also after following the instructions the other day about moving the UAC slider to zero, I am still getting denied access to stuff, even though the account has admin rights. Looking at the permissions and security settings it seems to be totally incomprehensible fo this human as to what I might need to alter. What a pity there is no way to get rid of all this stuff and make it behave like XP when a single user is using it.
It also seems to want network passwords to access it from other computers, a problem that exists on Windows 7 and up of course as well as this access denied irritation.
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