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I know this is win10, the machine is running a new install of 1803. I
am running the latest NVDA so that's why i'm sending this to you,
apologize to those who are on both lists, but I need some help.

Is there a way to get the classic win7 applications back for
administration tasks? I can still go to control panel, find what I
want, hit it, and it brings me in to settings.

I am not a fan of settings, I like it in and of the fact that it
unifies applications, but interacting with some controls really needs
accessibility work, UIA or what it is called.

Here's my problem, fresh install of a machine running 1803 needs
activated. I've got the key, that I didn't have during the install, so
I've gone to settings and tried an activation and have tried through
control panel, which brought me back to the same place.

In both cases NVDA would not read anything on the screen, I have to
enter my product key then go for an online activation. In 7 this went
flawlessly, in 10 I can't even get the key in, let alone activate.

How does one do this?



Have you heard of "Classic Shell" programme?

After downloading and installing you can tell classic shell to have a Win 7 start menu under Win 10.

You will be able to have all of your items in a tree view and press right arrow to go into it's sub-menu.

To get the Windows update; press Windows plus I for settings; tab once to enter screen; press down arrow and then right arrow to Update/security press enter. Then choose Windows Update. Tab to "check for updates" - enter. You will then be prompted for what items are ready to be downloaded.

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