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hi all
so i am think about smart speakers
which one would u all recommend
1 echo dot
2 google home
3 google mini
or others

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Sorry folks, I know this does not relate to NVDA, but it's my response to Kerryn.
Here is a solution to the password problem that I have found.  Others here who are much wiser than I will not recommend it and I have not tried it yet; but I think I'm going to.  The software that you download will create a bootable CD that one would used to boot the computer in question.  A program, supposedly, comes up that allows you to do things with your password.  One of them is to remove it.
It's kind of a last resort thing for me; but it's the only way I will be able to access this computer.  Others say to reinstall windows; but I don't know of a computer today that comes with an install CD.  I assume there are many packages of this type; but the one I downloaded can be found at:
Good luck.
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thanks brian
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          No, it will not.

          Passwords exist for a reason:  the security of the owner and their data.  It is incumbent on those setting passwords to do what they require to have access to them if they cannot remember them.  Password security (as in the ability to manipulate them by the admin) has gotten progressively tighter over the years, and for good reason.

          In the case of a Windows 10 computer if one does not have the password you can reinstall Windows 10.  You can also extract data from the hard drive using another computer and connecting it as an external drive.


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