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OK, a couple of things i still find awkward.
1, if you need to see what is going on with your ticket you need to subscribe to the list for issues, where and how?
Also how can you be sure that your own posts appear on your emails from the list to yourself?
Also some like myself find it irritating that the instructions you put in just now are in fact given in the field to be filled in, so if you actually want what you type to remove it you end up deleting it all, and thus you might forget what you should be putting, if on the other hand you type while its still there, it can get all muddled up and sound like gibberish as you type.
In my view, instructions of a complex nature like these need to be on the page itself not in the field you type into. I suspect this is a limitation of the way Githob issue tracking works, however.

Just a couple of observations
I also had problems when I created they account as it is not always clear which bit of github you are in when you do this and you get lots of jargon on the page about pull requests and all that kind of stuff, just ignore it as its a one size fits all interface, much of which has no meaning to the user if they are merely reporting bugs, and not indeed paying for services either.

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Subject: [nvda] Feed back on creating a ticket in git hub with nvda

Hi guys

I am putting together a tutorial on making a ticket for nvda in git hub. I know there are users here who do not know how to create one or even where to go or what to do.

I know when i do it I put in as much info as i can so hopefully it can be fixed. I just do not want to over do it and make it confusing if they do not have to do it when doing a ticket.

This is in draft so for give any mistakes.

Is there stuff i should put into it that i might of left out remember it is for a new user.

I will paste in what i have done so far so it can be moved around and is in draft or parts added or deleted.

Reporting an issue/bug report to NVACCESS

Where to go to issue a bug to be fixed

If you are a user of the NVDA screen reader wheather you use the next snap shot alfa code, the Master snap shot beata code or the stable version of NVDA that is released to the public, if you come across a bug it can be reported at the following web page at

Getting a Git hub account or simply signing in

To report any issues to be fixed you must have a Git Hub account. .
If you do not have a Git Hub account you will need to go to the sign up link then press the enter key. It will ask you for a user name, email address, password and once done locate the create a account button then press the space bar or enter key for it to be created.
If you already have a account it is just a matter of locating the sign in link and entering your details to log into git hub.

After you have signed into git hub

After you have signed into git hub to report a issue on your page you will have some links and buttons and headings. The first button is a search button, the second a create new button, the third a view profile and more button, and a sign out button.
Searching for a issue on git hub

Before you report a issue/bug report to NVACCESS you will need to do a search to see if any one else has reported the bug. If one can not be found then you will need to open a new new issue. This is a button.

There are some other buttons there but the one you want is new issue button. Press the enter key on it and a new section will come up and ask you the following.

You can arrow through the page to see all the sections.

Press the enter key on this button and a new section will appear. You can arrow up and down this page to get all the information there or jump around with B for buttons

As you go down the page you will hear the following.
This may depend if you arrow down the page or jump down by buttons. If you jump down by buttons you will hear the following. For example add header text button, add bold text button, add atalic text button, insert a quote button, insert code button, add a link button, add a bulleted list button, add a numbered list button, add a task list button, insert a reply button, Directly mention a user or team, Reference an issue or pull request, browse button, submit new issue button.
You may find it easier to arrow through rather than use single letter navigation keys to get all of the information.

They will need to know the following In the header text edit area what the issue is. For example

Under the ### Steps to reproduce:
A list of the steps you take to demonstrate the problem.


1. Open Chrome
2. Browse to<>
3. Type "Hello"
4. Notice an error sound when enter is pressed.
Please also remember to attach a zip of any files required to reproduce the issue.
### Expected behavior:
Tell us what should happen.
### Actual behavior:
Tell us what happens instead.
They will also need to know the NVDA version wheather it is a next-14027,c80e529f
Snap shot, or a master snap shot with its version number. Also wheather it is a portable or installed version of NVDA.

They may need other information such as if it was > Example: Running in a VM

Windows version:
Example: Windows 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.1066
### Other questions:

Does the issue still occur after restarting your PC?

Have you tried any other versions of NVDA?
Please list them and the result
No files selected.
Attach files by dragging & dropping, selecting them, or pasting from the clipboard.

Under this section would be where you would post your NVDA log.

Make sure under the general settings in NVDA it is set to Logging level: debug

After you have filled in the information that that they require locate the submit new issue button and your ticket will be created.
Please note

For NVACCESS to try and track down any bugs to be fixed you need to have the steps to recreate the problem you are having. Make sure your Logging level: is set to debug is set under the General settings in NVDA. You can also obtain the log which it produces from the Tool.. view log section in NVDA. A log will be produced after you press the enter key on the view log menu. Press the ALT key until a menu drops down then arrow down to you hear NVDA say save log as then press the ENTER key. NVDA will default to the file name then it is a matter of tabbing until you hear a location to save to you are happy with such as the Desk top then shift/tabbing back to the save button then pressing the enter key on the save button.

For more information on using Git Hub with a screen reader which goes beyond making a ticket please go to the following link at

Gene nz

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