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I'm using something called Akelpad, which seems to be a very nice and stable program, but I've no idea if it does what is required, I like its lack of crashing and that it alerts you to different copies of files being different before it will overwrite etc.

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Hi there,
Notepad++ had a few quirks that I didn't like, but overall, it is accessible, and you'll probably be able to turn the nasty stuff off at any rate. To be honest, I use Notepad2 (, which I believe is a lighter version of Notepad++ without all the extra nasties, which I use all the time. But you still have all the cool stuff like line ending conversion, line sorting, blank line removal, duplicate merging etc. I guess the only caveat with that is that it's not regularly maintained, I believe the last update was some time in 2012.

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Is notepad plus plus accessible with NVDA? I have some text files I want to do some advanced editing on. In some, I want to remove all blank lines. Others are from an old dos program and have extra ascii ansi junk characters that I want to get rid of. Once fixed up, I want to re-save the text files, open in wordPad and save as docx files to re-translate into braille to put on the orbit reader 20. I put two files on there, and have to hit the scroll forward button a lot to skip extra blank lines which interrupts my ability to read the file smoothly.

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