NVDA lags in speech feedback.

Daniel Hawkins

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in this group. I have a annoying problem with my NVDA which I have been trying to figure out. I have noticed that when i use Eloquence voice that the TTS sometimes lags or hangs for a second everytime i press the next key. Most noticeable is when i use Microsoft Excel. If I use the arrows to moved left/right or up or down, sometimes i have to way 1 to 3 seconds for the TTS to catch up and let me know what is in that cell. sometimes the TTS just hangs for a good minute.

Now, when I use JAWS I don’t have this problem. So I think it is NVDA related. My system resources says my computer is running at 10% most of the time on average, and I am only using half of my 8gb of RAM. So, it is not a system resource hog.

I have tried to uninstall NVDA and reinstall it, and that did not work, so I am open for any ideas or suggestions. thanks guys!
Daniel Hawkins

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