Re: notepad plus plus and NVDA


Yes I think it is.

I forget exactly how but you should be able to resave in certain formats with standard notepad..

Back when I was doing opperating systems class I had but never kept, command line converters that would translate text files from dos, to unix to windows iso formats.

They were called dos to unix and unix to dos respectedly.

There is probably something else you can do now to resave the files in the right format.

On 6/12/2018 1:26 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
Is notepad plus plus accessible with NVDA? I have some text files I want to do some advanced editing on. In some, I want to remove all blank lines. Others are from an old dos program and have extra ascii ansi junk characters that I want to get rid of. Once fixed up, I want to re-save the text files, open in wordPad and save as docx files to re-translate into braille to put on the orbit reader 20. I put two files on there, and have to hit the scroll forward button a lot to skip extra blank lines which interrupts my ability to read the file smoothly.



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