Re: NVDA lags in speech feedback.

Daniel Hawkins

Hmm, I am not sure what drivers I have or check on that. I had this problem with another machine before. Due to another problem, I had to do a reinstall, and that fixed the problem. I am hoping here that i don’t do a install on this machine. I have noticed in other logins it is still doing it. I thought it was a resource hog that is bogging down the computer, but JAWS don’t seem to have the problem. It works, but very annoying. lol.
Daniel Hawkins

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Oh, some more of this thread has now decided to come in, so, The version you are using what synth driver does it use exactly? I have to say that I did encounter a person with this issue, and one of the symptoms was also like as if you typed a few chars and then a couple might get echoed then the rest. or when deleting the same occurred.

However this also affected other synths, but not espeak. I seem to recall that in the end he decided not to use Eloquence or Sapi 5.
Not an answer I know, it was windows 8.1.

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Then you are commenting on a legal version.  But I don't know what is causing slow synthesizer responsiveness.  This may be a matter for discussion by those with more technical knowledge than I have.

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Thank you for the note. I am useing the Eloquence from I tried the other sythenziers and I feel all are so slow compared to Eloquence that the leg is not much different. i will try again.

Daniel Hawkins

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A message from the moderator about this topic.

If you are using the free Eloquence add on, that can't be discussed on the list. Illegal software can't be discussed.

If you are using, or want to try the legal Eloquence you pay for, that can be discussed.

If you want to try the legal Eloquence, you may find that it works properly.  If not, problems with the legal software can be discussed.

Gene, Moderator
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Hello everyone,

  This is my first post in this group. I have a annoying problem with my NVDA which I have been trying to figure out. I have noticed that when i use Eloquence voice that the TTS sometimes lags or hangs for a second everytime i press the next key. Most noticeable is when i use Microsoft Excel. If I use the arrows to moved left/right or up or down, sometimes i have to way 1 to 3 seconds for the TTS to catch up and let me know what is in that cell. sometimes the TTS just hangs for a good minute.

  Now, when I use JAWS I don’t have this problem. So I think it is NVDA related. My system resources says my computer is running at 10% most of the time on average, and I am only using half of my 8gb of RAM. So, it is not a system resource hog.

  I have tried to uninstall NVDA and reinstall it, and that did not work, so I am open for any ideas or suggestions. thanks guys!

  Daniel Hawkins

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