Re: list of accessibility tools when win 10 newest update boots

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


I found this that might help the first option looks easier and a link to this page is

it did not mention a windows version so am guessing it should work.

I did read a thread that on hp machines this comes up at log on.

I wonder if you have your computer boot straight into windows if it would still come up? I do not think so or would you rather not as you would rather log on into windows?

Gene nz

On 6/13/2018 6:50 AM, Dan Beaver wrote:

I have been seeing this since the big spring update happened.  Almost every time it boots this dialog with a list of tools like narrator, magnifier, on-screen keyboards and the like shows up before the logon screen is displayed. 

I have dug around my system and can't find a way to stop this.

any ideas?  I don't want to use any of those tools and would like not to see this dialog.


Dan Beaver

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