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Upgrading an operating system may have many consequences, depending on your system, and must be carefully considered. Upgrading from Win 7 to 10 may mean that your older peripherals such as printers and scanners may no longer work because updated drivers may not be available. I generally do not upgrade an operating system until I get a new PC. Keep in mind that Win 7 will be supported until 2020, and perhaps longer. There are still many people and even businesses that are still successfully using Windows XP.

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From: Gene
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I would only suggest it if there is a feature or features in Windows 10 you want or if there are features in new versions of NVDA you want. 
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From: Jessica D
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Subject: [nvda] For windows 7 users

This message is for Windows 7 users.

You will not receive NVDA 2018.2
2017.4 is the last version you'll get.
I'd highly suggest upgrading to Windows 10.

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