Re: Administrative privileges.


When you go to Settings, Accounts, Your Info, is the account noted as being "Administrator" or "Standard"?

If it's marked as Administrator you have the ability to run commands or do anything else with elevated privileges, but that elevation does not occur by default.

If there is only one account on a Windows 10 computer it is highly unlikely it is not an account with Administrator status and privileges.

All of the above being said, one does not need to open a shortcut with admin privileges to add a keyboard shortcut.  For any desktop shortcut I've tried to add a keyboard shortcut for, the only option, and it occurs whether one its CTRL alone, ALT alone, or CTRL + ALT is that the shortcut will start with CTRL+ALT followed by the character one types while holding down the previously noted key or two keys (and, of course, that letter has not already been assigned to another desktop shortcut or system shortcut).


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