Re: Chinese IME and Candidate lists?

蔡宗豪 Victor Cai

If you are choosing English as a default UI language In NVDA. Maybe,
the following steps could resoulve this "candidate reporting" issue.
1. NVDA menu, Preferences, general settings.
2. Press end, then press upArrow to choose language Chinese
Traditional Taiwan (zh_TW).
3. Press enter to restart NVDA.
(In this case, languages zh_CN, zh_HK also work.)


2018-06-14 8:42 GMT+08:00, Clement Chou <>:

Hi. Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I am trying to use the
Chinese microsoft IME to write. However, when I am entering the
composition string, I am unable to get candidates read out loud.
Arrowing simply reads back the string using the phonetically pinyin
letters, and when I press space I can tell that I have selected a
different candidate for the composition string but can't figure that
out until after the text is already entered. Is this a problem with my
NVDA? Or the ime itself? Trying to write in Chinese.. but it's a total
shot in the dark when I have to press space and just accept whatever
it gives me. lol

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