Re: NVDA was working fine until this morning when I tried to update

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Joshua

Afteryou downloaded a copy of nvda then clicked on it to install it to
your pc was it after it said it was installing it went quiet? I can not
remember if nvda says wait or in the latest versions there is no sound
until it is installed then you will hear nvda start up again and it is
ready to use.

I wonder if a UAC screen came up? and was not in focus for nvda to read
out? In this case use the alt key + letter Y if it comes up.

If it is not in focus use the alt + tab key to bring it into focus.

Your anti virus could be blocking it but would if it was me reinstall
nvda again.

If you want to see what is happening and nvda is not speaking some times
also using narrator to see what is happening helps. but if nvda and
narrator are running togeher for 2 long it can drive you a little crazy
but once nvda is installed you can turn off narrator.

It just depends where the speech stops. Are you still getting sound from
the computer? or do you have 2 sound cards?

Gene nz

On 6/15/2018 2:28 AM, Joshua Hendrickson wrote:
Hi to all. This morning when I tried to update my NVDA something went
wrong I think. I heard the program shut off, then turn on again and
when I thought it was installing I lost all sound. I downloaded the
newest 2018 version of NVDA from the website and tried to install it.
Well, I had other speech on and my speech just stopped. I don't know
what I should do. I'd rather not go back to jaws, but I don't know
why my NVDA isn't working correctly. I'm afraid to try and reinstall
NVDA again.

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