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Well like last time, nvda 2018.1 was on 7, but if you wanted 2018.1.1 you had to get it manually, as the fix only was on windows10, though with hindsight from the experiences recently, I think this was a bad way to go on as I imagine this is why some got the .2 and some did not!
I got 1.1 here so my update worked straight off this time.
As for what is better, there are a lot fo things better for windows 7.
The registration tool the different format of preferences to name but two that now seems to work very well. Not sure what triggers the registration tool on master version though. It seems totally random here.


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Don't understand what is meant for beneficial for updating software.
I use Win 7, and unless bugs wereidentified, I do update software to the latest version.
Laurie Mehta via Groups.Io 於 15/6/2018 11:24 寫道:
I just read the "what's new" information for v2018.2 and it sounds like the benefits in the new release mainly apply to users of Win10. Is this true, or am I missing something in what I read?

For those of you using Win7 on any of your machines, do you find upgrading to this new version of NVDA is beneficial?

Thank you for your thoughts,

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