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Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


I am not from nvaccess but i had some thing similar happen to my bank
here in new zealand.

It was our TSB bank.

Where the site was accessible with lists etc they changed pretty much
all of it to graphics.  The only way i could navigate the account
section was to use the letter G for graphics on the page.

This was in the accounts section where i do my banking etc. When you
also used the elements list to see if there were any links in those
graphics there were not.

They also took out the formatted headings which they had made into graphics.

So i went through there website in the account section through the
different areas there and put it into a email.

What they had to do.

I did also say i use a screen reader and am blind to do my banking also
gave them a link to the nvda screen reader to test with.

I also pointed out the places where there were graphics they needed the
alt text for nvda to see those and to bring up in the elements list same
with what used to be headings which was then turned to graphics  they
were then formatted back to hadings etc with alt text etc.

Part of there reasoning to was they wanted to make it easier to use on
tablets but then they also found out things did not come up right on the
tablets etc with colors etc.

they also did a text only website but i could never remember the address
and i did not want it. I think now it the text side of it is now used
for tablets etc.

Any how they fixed the stuff i pointed out and am happy this happened a
few years back.

They done another update last year and pointed outed a few things and
they were fixed as well. for example a button that was a graphic so i
got them to make it into a button so nvda could see it.

Gene nz

On 6/15/2018 6:47 PM, Rob Hudson wrote:
Recently my credit union changed its website rendering most of the online banking services inaccessible to NVDA. According to sighted people Ii had look at the page, all the services have been moved to little graphical icons at the top of the screen.
I was wondering if I could get someone from NVAccess to remote into my machine, look at the website, and then tell me what I can pass on to the bank's i t people about fixing it to make it more readable for screen readers. And how i would go about setting something like that up.

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